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What does the movement "Who Made My Clothes?" mean?

The “Who Made My Clothes” movement was started following the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in 2013.

Dramatic result : 1,138 clothes makers in Bangladesh died, injuring 2,500, if this tragic incident was relayed, there is also a real insalubrity which dominate for workers in fast fashion factorys.
It opened eyes on a capitalist fast fashion industry that should be renamed crapitalist.

An industry where global brand owners think it’s acceptable to pay offshore factory workers a pittance while passing on a minuscule percentage of the saving to the public and lining their own hand finished pockets with the largest slice of the pie. Cheap outfits have a true cost that many other people (plus the Earth) paid with their entiere life or health. The true question is: in the name of who, what, why ?

In light of the fast fashion disaster, a much-needed revolution was necessary and it came about with the birth of the Fashion Revolution, the instigators of the movement. I invite you to visit their website for more informations about their goals, fights and more...


► If you wanna learn and understand more about fast fashion i advise you this reportage : The True Cost


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What about Mrs Freaks?

During my 5 years in fashion studies and my few working experiences i opened my eyes and learn reality about fashion industry, prices, costs, compromises, choices, humans beeing, trust me my friends, all isn't so wonderful in backstages as in advertisings.

That's why i decided to work in phase with my conscience, with respect for Humans, Animals, Earth and working with collaborators having good working conditions, truely paid etc. That's (in part) how MrsFreaks was born. We are working with two workshops from America and Europe who are respecting our quality shart (digital printing, details and ecology) and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you want to read more about me/our brand story click here : The Mrs Freaks history

We made your clothes! [with Love]

♦ Firstable all our clothes are unique, made to order just for you and designed in France by the designer in our Parisian creative clothing studio. We draw inspiration from Art, Nature, pop culture and History through the ages to create original and stylish patterns to print on the bests timesless cuts with single Mrs.Freaks' touch.

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♦ Then our workshops print and sew fabrics at the same place to partially reduce ecological footprint. Usually, there is many moves and round trip between the different manufacturers for a same product. Our workshops are subject to the regulations in force in the European Union and America regarding working conditions, working time, security etc.
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♦ Until the brands with clout put people before profit, the exploitation of workers will continue.

Factory owners are placed in a difficult situation knowing that if they refuse to accept the work it will be offered to another factory for less, and they will accept it otherwise their workers will starve.

This situation is unacceptable as no one should be dying for the sake of fashion. As citizens of a democratic society, we all have the power to instigate change simply by educating ourselves in regards to the state of fashion by reading the Fashion Revolution and signing the manifesto.

People of the fashion world unite.