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About Mrs Freaks

 Mrs Freaks is not only a brand, it is a gathering of souls who share the same passions, values and commitments; Originality, fun, respect for humans and animals, reduct our ecological footprint, minimize waste and consume better. We dress all silhouettes from size XS unicorns to 4XL curvy Venus with a size shart that corresponds to real sizes in order to highlight all the morphologies and allow everyone to share with us these beautiful goals. Come and dance in the round of style bosses who preserve the planet.


Digital printings / Inks



Our designs are impregnated directly into the fabric for a lasting fit. Inks used are environmentally friendly, CPSIA compliant, non-toxic, non-hazardous for your skin and water soluble. They are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE). Digital printing makes it possible to quickly print small quantities, which eliminates the overproduction and thus makes it possible to reduce the waste and polution related to the clothing sector. Digital printing also generates less chemical waste than traditional printing techniques (no printing plates and less polluting inks). Digital printing competes with these other textile printing techniques thanks to the much more varied panel of colors it offers, and its long life. As you can see, this printing technique offers high precision and more design possibilities, colors and is much more durable than any other printing methods used for clothing, which is why we use it on all our models. This one guarantees a more durable garment, which is not damaged by washing and which keeps colors as bright as those offered by nature!



Fabrics / details