MRS FREAKS, the Eco-responsible and Alternative fashion brand which creates and fits for every body types.

Founded by Alison B. in 2020 in Paris, Mrs Freaks was born out of a desire for more kindness and transparency within the fashion industry. We're a very small team working with love and passion on our own alt fashion, inspired by freedom, underground trends, original styles and self accomplishment. We're motivated by ecology and animal protection, all our products are cruelty free and eco-friendly.

  • Mrs Freaks' Concept? We're creating unique patterns printed on urban basics with a special attention to the shapes and cuts of our clothes.

    We're an inclusive brand which designs for every body type and which wants every freak to be able to express themselves wearing nice clothes, as well as respecting the Earth and being ecologically responsible.

  • How does it work? Several times a year we create small capsules that correspond to limited collections around a theme. We operate with a pre-order system only to reduce our ecological footprint and avoid pushing our customers to overconsumption with traditional sales and production techniques that do not correspond to our values.

    Once it is gone, it's over, you won't find our product anywhere else ever again.

  • Alison A.K.A Mrs Freaks!

    How I've created everything from scratch with only my ideas, love and goodwill...
    As far as I can remember, I always been a freak 👽.

    As a child at school i was telling my teacher i wanted to become an artist, a tattooist, or a designer... I always been told to change my plans for something they define as "normal"/a real job. When i was a teenager I was the weirdo at the back of the classroom with my friend, colorfull hair, drawing all the time and it felt great.

    As a curvy girl it has been sometimes difficult to find alternative/grunge clothes i like fitting my body type (HOW ?!). Then i realised the more people feel confident in their clothes, the more they'll be friendly and open up to other's. So i decided to keep studying art and design but to use my knowledges in Fashion. that's how i continued my studies at ESMOD international in Paris.

    I enjoyed studying there learning about technical and artistic fashion, meet a bunch of nice people from different countries, those years has been intense, filled with excitement and discoveries. After being several times top of the year and winning few prizes, i effortlessly found jobs in famous luxury brands (and THAT my friend was the beginning of the end).

    That's precisely when glitters and strass vanished and when I realized the dark side of these filthfull industries: exploitation, mistreatment, torture of animals, extreme pollution... a disappointing picture and difficult to look at. Not to mention the atmosphere within the companies, groups of praying mantises ready to cut off each other's heads for more prestige.

    I've always been an outsider, I've always felt out of step with the people around me on every level. I've always had to adapt, follow the rules, follow common sense to be accepted in society. But not this time.

    I founded Mrs. Freaks because I wanted to allow all Freaks to dress however they like, to bring happiness and creativty to people without paying that unecessary & ethically hight level price. i wanna be proud of the brand i'm working for, knowing what we're offering and still be able to look at myself in the mirror (without feeling like if i was a sort of Palpatine).

    i don't want either exploitation nor discrimination to be a thing within Mrs Freaks collections. I wish that everybody could express their unicity throught nice and respectably made clothes. I believe in the power of fashion to build confidence. I believe that clothing is a vastly underrated form of expression, and that fashion in its current state has made us lose that power. While everything is cheaper, choice and quality have also diminished. Quality however is more important than ever, the fashion industry is ravaging the world and its marketing budget has never been higher.

    Today, i'm working hard but i love my job and i'm proud to try to change things in this industry thanks to people like you in the freaks team! ♥ Let's shine, be rebel and support the establishment of a new area!

    Fun Facts about me

  • I sometime do more than 10 different jobs.
  • My cat is 22, only 5 years younger than me.
  • I'm addicted to salmon and croque-monsieurs
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