How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body? Guide

Styling Your Pear-Shaped Body: Best Ways To Flatter Your Figure!

Different individuals have varying genetics, skin color, height, likes, dislikes, and even different body types. Being confident with your body is crucial; you can win the biggest battles if you’re confident about yourself.

When we say confidence, how you dress plays an essential role in how you present yourself to the world. Therefore, you need to know what body type you belong to. Only then can you choose the right outfit to flaunt your figure to the world.

Your body type is basically the proportion of your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips measurements. There are many body shapes, including  inverted triangles, apple-shaped, hourglass, pear-shaped, etc.

So what’s the goal here?

We’re here to help you style your pear-shaped body. But how can you tell what body type you have? Let’s find out what a pear-shaped body is.

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What Is A Pear-Shaped Body?

More than 20% of women have a pear-shaped body.

You have a pear-shaped body when your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. Overall, your body looks like a  triangle with a wider base (Like a pear).

You can tell if you have a pear-shaped body by the following characteristics:

  • Most of your fat is deposited in the lower body.
  • Your hips are wider and larger than your bust.
  • You have a defined waist with an elegant neck, toned arms & shoulders.
  • Full hips, narrow shoulders.
  • The weight gain process shows results in your bottom half first, then your waist or upper body.


How To Choose The Right Outfit For Your Pear-Shaped Body?

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So you know that you’ve got the triangular body shape. If you’re getting overwhelmed about choosing the right outfit and style, don’t worry. You can perfectly style yourself regardless of your body type if you know the basics of styling for every body type. Let’s go over the process, as well as some tips for choosing the right outfit for a pear body.

Goal Of Dressing

All women with triangular body shapes should choose their outfits with one thing in mind. The goal of spoon shape body dressing is to neutralize the wider hips while drawing attention toward the upper half of your body. You’re going to choose an outfit that emphasizes your defined waist and lets your lower body sink into the background.

What can be done to achieve this?

Read this collection of tips and advice regarding the choice of tops, bottoms, and accessories for your pear-shaped body.

Tips For Tops

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If we segregate the styling goal for a pear-shaped body, the first part focuses on the upper half of your body. Here are few tips you can follow to accentuate your waist and adjust the proportions of your shoulders.

  • You can add padded shoulders, or similar fittings that are structured well to give an illusion of wider shoulders.
  • When contrasting, always choose brighter colors than your bottoms
  • Eye-capturing prints with flowers, colors, or details will also draw attention to the upper body.
  • Don’t go for padded shoulders if you’ve long sleeves , as it'll emphasize your hips by creating an illusion of even wider hips
  • Similarly, shorter sleeves look great when combined with padded shoulders that can be puffs, bells, batwing, cap, etc.
  • A good bra to lift up your chest is crucial.

What Kind Of Tops Are Best?

Let’s talk about some kinds of top that go best with your triangle body.

  1. When picking a neckline, go with something wide that makes your shoulders and bust look wide. A wide collar neckline will balance your wider hips with broad shoulders. As a pear-shaped person, you can go with different necklines like square, cowl, Sabrina, bateau, or off-shoulder.
  2. As mentioned above, opting for tops that make the upper body prominent. Therefore, body-fitted t-shirts, tops, and shirts can be a great way of flattering your curves.
  3. Tops that don't extend beyond your hips or end at the edge of the hipline are great for pear-shaped body types.

From a general styling perspective, tucking your shirt into your bottoms also highlights your waist and curves. Cropped tops can also be a great strategy for tops.

Tips For Bottoms

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The second part of the styling goal for the pear-shaped body is neutralizing the lower half of the body or drawing attention away from the hips. If you enjoy flattering your broader hips, that’s perfectly fine. However, you can follow the following tips for drawing attention away from the hipline.

  • Go for darker color bottoms or solid colors to de-emphasize the lower half of your body. Darker colors have the natural effect of slimming your legs.
  • Never go for bottoms with embellishments, big pockets, or patterns. It will naturally put more emphasis on your hips.
  • Focus on creating the illusion of elongated legs by choosing mid-waist or high-waist flared bottoms.
  • The right trousers for a triangular body shape should balance the wider hips with narrow shoulders and bust. Therefore, don’t go for skin-fit trousers as they’ll create an unbalanced look, emphasizing the hips.

How To Choose Your Accessories?

When it comes to pear-shaped bodies, accessories like colorful scarfs, jackets, etc., are crucial. Try some of the following tips for choosing the right accessories when dolling up for a casual or formal event.

  • Colorful, printed, or floral-print scarves create a great combination and draw attention to your body’s upper half. A beautiful and classy necklace around your neck can also be a great addition to emphasizing your upper body.
  • You can go for waist belts to flatter your curves and smaller waist. It is a great tactic to de-emphasize your wider hipline. (In the same way, Skater dresses are great and look gorgeous on triangle bodies.)
  • When it comes to shoes, choose medium chunky heels to further elongate your legs.
  • Your handbag might be an unimportant detail to you, but it has a great impact. Don’t go for handbags that sit around your hip area as it will draw unwanted attention to the lower body which we don't want with a triangle-shaped body styling.

In A Nutshell,

Whether you’re looking for advice for summer or winter, these basic guidelines will help you stay on track with your styling. Flatter your figure with these tips, whatever the weather.

If you want more guidelines and tips about how to dress up for formal and casual events or season-based dressing, let us know. We would love to create more guides for you to help you stand out with your unique style.

But even without these tips, you're still a beautiful person as you are. We're eager to share advice, but we couldn't help you shine if you weren't already a star.

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